Lastest News
300.000 registered users
Published on 05-11-2019

We have got 300.000 registered users now! Thank you 300.000 times.

New View Ads technlology
Published on 12-03-2018

Now you can view ads opening a new window without the topbar. Advertisers get better quality and now you can push your Alexa Rank or sponsor websites like Facebook pages or Youtube videos.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies accepted
Published on 05-01-2018

Today we started accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. All deposits are credited after 2 confirmations and all withdrawals are instant. You can now Add Funds and Upgrade and Withdraw your earnings using Bitcoin as payment processor.

200.000 registered users
Published on 02-10-2017

We have got 200.000 registered users now! Thank you 200.000 times.

Internal transfers enabled!
Published on 30-09-2016

Today we enabled the Internal transfers for funds from Account Balance to Purchase Balance, the fee for this transfer is 90% (for €50 transfer you'll get €5 in Purchase Balance). The minimum amount to transfer is €20 and there's no limit. Any other method for fund your Purchase Balance has still no fees (%0).

100.000 registered users
Published on 24-08-2016

We have got 100.000 registered users now! Thank you 100.000 times.

Ads Wall enabled!
Published on 14-08-2016

Hello everyone, we created an Ads Wall for make you earn an extra €0.01 per click. There are a lot of advertisement to click every day, that's a nice way to earn an extra income. All earnings are credited automatically and instantly, you can access to Ads Wall from the Menu clicking 'Ads Wall'.

Alexa ranking <10000
Published on 22-07-2016

We are one of the first 10.000 websites according to Alexa. We are the most paying website online at the moment and we reach a great milestone, we are on the top 10 best paying PTC worldwide!

€100000 paid to members!
Published on 16-07-2016

Today we got a beautiful milestone: €100.000 paid to all members throught Payza, PayPal, Payeer and PerfectMoney! Thank you all.

BrainBux online from 1 month!
Published on 09-06-2016

We are online since 09-05-2016 and we can say that we have made a great success! There are 45.000 registered members and we officially paid in your wallets more than €66.000. Regarding Alexa statistics, we are the most growing PTC website in the history and even the most paying worldwide.

New server and fixes
Published on 18-05-2016

Today we complete the migration to a powerful server, there'll be no more problem navigating the website. We fixed the advertisements problems and a few other things.

Payment Proof page enabled
Published on 16-05-2016

We reached €10000 total paid out and 7000 members, that's an awesome success for us! We opened the Proof of Payment page so you can see in real time all the processed payouts on BrainBux. Note that all payments in Proof of Payment page are already processed and the amount is the net amount received (taxes included).

The most paying Paid To Promote
Published on 14-05-2016

We are happy to announce that we opened a Paid To Promote service! Members can earn €1.00 up to €1.50 every 1000 visitors, all earnings are credited automatically and instantly. You can access to your PTP statistics from the Menu clicking 'Paid To Promote'.

Already paid €2600 in the first 24 hours
Published on 10-05-2016

We already paid more than €2600 to 750 members' PayPal account in just 24 hours. Actually we are the most profitable bux website online, congratulations to all members! Thank you so much for keep this goldmine going.

Welcome to BrainBux
Published on 09-05-2016

Welcome to BrainBux! Today we officially opened the website to new members. Try us and request cashout everyday, there's no minimum cashout and all payments are instant. We are the most profitable Bux website at the moment, good earnings everyone!